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Terms & Conditions of Sale
1. General
1.1. All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars.
1.2. RHINO RHINO’s Prices are subject to change without notice unless already invoiced
1.3. Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) are provided with price lists supplied by RHINO
RHINO and listed on the RHINO RHINO B2B website.
1.4. RHINO RHINO reserves the right to accept or refuse any order for Goods at its discretion.
1.5. Until an order for the purchase of Goods has been accepted by RHINO RHINO either in writing or by conduct, no contract for the supply of Goods shall exist between RHINO RHINO and the Customer.
1.6. Goods are not to be sold on Ebay, Amazon, other third party marketplaces or similar websites without consent from RHINO RHINO.
1.7. Selective RHINO RHINO products can be supplied with territorial exclusivity conditions. This is managed on a case by case basis and is subject to change without notice and at RHINO RHINO’s exclusive discretion.

2. Payment
2.1. All orders must be pre-paid in full prior to shipping. All goods supplied remain the property of RHINO RHINO until payment is made in full unless previously arranged otherwise.
2.2. The only accepted means of paying orders and accounts will be by electronic funds Transfer unless a separate agreement has been made

3. Pre Orders
3.1. Pre orders are considered final orders and cannot be canceled. Estimated delivery dates are approximate and for guidance only. We aim to process orders as soon as possible, but may be affected by delays outside of our control.
3.2. Stock for pre orders will not be allocated until a deposit of 50% of total order has been received. This deposit is non-refundable for change of mind.
4. Limitations of use
4.1. You are prohibited from making use of any intellectual property, trademarks, or logos without the expressed permission of RHINO RHINO. All RHINO RHINO images and product copy are subject to copyright. Approved RHINO RHINO stockists are welcome to use any images supplied by RHINO RHINO to promote the products, and high resolution images may be available upon request.
4.2. For the purpose of maintaining and enhancing the reputation of RHINO RHINO, you must ensure that all products sourced from RHINO RHINO are sold only at pre approved retail sales locations which are consistent with the reputation and public image of RHINO RHINO.
4.3. You may not, either directly or indirectly, distribute or on-sell RHINO RHINO products to an online retailer or a person or entity likely to sell products at an unapproved retail location and/or outside the Territory, without the written consent of RHINO RHINO.

5. Shipping and Handling
5.1. Prices do not include shipping and handling. Additional shipping and handling charges may apply to certain regional areas.
5.2. Shipping and Handling (FIS) may be charged as the higher of:
5.2.1. 10% of the order value; or
5.2.2. Minimum of $25.00 ex GST; or
5.2.3. Calculated as per order size and delivery location.
5.3. Title shall pass on despatch of the Goods. The Goods shall be at the sole risk of the Customer on the Customer’s receipt of those Goods.

6. Return of Goods
6.1. All orders are final and cannot be canceled once the order has been confirmed and the final invoice has been generated. We do not accept return of unsold goods or change of mind.
6.2. Goods returned for credit must have been purchased from RHINO RHINO, and be in an unused and saleable condition together with original packaging within 14 days of purchase.
6.2.1. Claims must be made within 7 days of receipt of goods. Non – delivery must be reported immediately.
6.2.2. A restocking fee of 20% will apply.
6.3. The Customer must notify us within 7 days of receipt of goods for any price adjustment or short supply.
6.4. To report a faulty item:
6.4.1. Please email the details and quote your invoice number to us. No claim will be recognised unless invoice number and invoice date is quoted.
6.4.2. If RHINO RHINO deems Goods to be faulty and the Goods have been purchased within 12 months, as per date of invoice, RHINO RHINO will replace, credit or refund the  customer the purchase price.
6.4.3. RHINO RHINO may request the return of faulty goods before providing a replacement, credit or refund.
6.4.4. Shipping and Handling fees may apply.
6.4.5. Please allow 14 days for the process of refunds.

7. Notification of Changes
7.1. The Customer agrees to notify RHINO RHINO within 7 days of any changes to: the address of the business or the address where the Goods will be situated; the trading name or ABN of the business; or the persons (Proprietors, Partners or Directors) conducting the business.
7.2. RHINO RHINO reserves the right to request that a new Application for a Wholesale Account to be completed on notification of such a change.

8. Law
8.1. These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Victoria and the applicable laws of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Customer agrees to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of any state or territory of Australia or the Commonwealth of Australia as selected at RHINO RHINO’s discretion.

9. Interpretation
9.1. “Customer” means and includes any natural person, company, partnership or other entity whose order for the purchase of Goods is accepted by RHINO RHINO;

9.2. “Goods” means and includes goods and services supplied or to be supplied to the Customer by RHINO RHINO;
9.3. “RHINO RHINO” means Pineapple Green Pty Ltd (ABN 47 636 056 543) or any of its subsidiary or related companies trading as RHINO RHINO.

10. Agreement
10.1. By placing an order with RHINO RHINO you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change with notification and will be effective immediately.

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